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Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels Dubai
Thermal Transfer Labels Dubai

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels are the perfect solution for companies printing large volumes of shipping and barcoding labels. These labels are more durable than the direct thermal alternative as they require a ribbon to print. Consequently, they are less likely to scratch, scuff, or fade. If you need the print on your labels to last more than 6 months, thermal transfer labels are the perfect solution.

Why Use Thermal Transfer Labels?

  • Doesn’t fade over time
  • More heat resistant
  • Longer shelf life
  • Higher quality scans
  • Perfect for shipping, barcoding, inventory tracking, asset identification and more

How Thermal Transfer Labels Work

Thermal transfer labels offer world-class barcode printing for most applications. In thermal transfer printing, a hot print head melts a wax ribbon onto the blank printing label. The result is a rugged, permanent print that can take a beating. The wax ribbons print a strong, high-contrast black. Without this ribbon, you cannot print on thermal transfer labels.

Thermal transfer printing is highly cost-effective. The materials are cheap, and the printer itself is a fairly simple machine. Thermal transfer printing produces images with extremely tight tolerances. That results in instant barcode reads and very few errors.

If you aren’t sure which thermal transfer label is right for your machine, give us a call or email us for assistance.

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