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Piggyback Labels

De Megha Fzc piggy back labels uae
De Megha Fzc piggy back labels uae

Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels are multi-layer constructions featuring one self-adhesive label on top of another. The top label is removable and can be reapplied elsewhere, while the bottom label is stationary, remaining affixed to the original surface. Dynamic and versatile, piggyback labels can be created in constructions that adhere to paper, plastics, cardboard and metals. Top labels can be smaller than bottom labels for fast and easy removal, or they can be the same size with or without tabs for removal. Whether clear middle-ply features to reveal additional messaging or instruction as image liner piggybacks offering the convenience of a pressure-sensitive document label with a carbon copy label or for bar code scanning at checkout when items are too heavy to carry there is a piggyback label to streamline processes and increase productivity.

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