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Automotive Masking Tapes

De Megha Fzc Masking Tape
De Megha Fzc Masking Tape

Automotive Masking Tapes

The importance of masking applications in industrial processes is often underestimated. In many cases, masking applications can strongly impact production efficiency and the overall quality of products. Only the use of appropriate masking products that offer reliable quality can help to deliver optimal results which in turn, avoids unnecessary trouble in production. Our masking solutions have been carefully developed and prove their outstanding quality each and every day in various applications worldwide – this includes surface protection against paint, dust, etc. and adhesive tapes for plastering that can be used indoor and outdoor. Our high-quality covering solutions are used for many types of tasks in the industrial area. When constructing planes, ships and trains but also cars, they play an important role, e.g. when painting parts or protecting sensitive surfaces. While the challenges vary – and thus the products – the success of our masking tapes can be summarised as follows: We offer the individually suitable adhesive tape solution for (nearly) any challenge! . Every masking tape is devised for specific areas of application. In the manufacture of our products, the precisely balanced adhesive performance and also the base material have the highest priority.

Only an ideal combination of these two factors allows the balancing act between a strong bond when applying and a residue-free removal after application to succeed. In our adhesive tape range, there are numerous masking tapes suited for specific processes, e.g. sand blasting work or when applying powder coating or for spray painting with oven drying up to 160° C.
Automotive Masking Tapes are essential for painting, plastering, and surface protection and provide perfect, sharp, and flat edges. Our masking tapes are easy to use and removable without residue even from delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

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