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Courier Bags

Courier Bag Suppliers in UAE
Courier Bag Suppliers in UAE

Courier Bag Suppliers in UAE

De Megha, the leading courier bag suppliers  in UAE, is your one-stop shop for all revolutionary Plain & printed Self-adhesive bespoke Courier bags. Courier Bags are used by Courier, Parcel and Freight companies for the secure movement of their clients documents and consignments.
They are manufactured from customized co extruded polyethylene film, which is gray/black inside & white outside, with a flap which has a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure.
Our envelopes are designed to protect products and to deliver them at the desired destination. These bags are of light weight, water resistant and saves money on postage in comparison to any other alternative as an outer covering for courier purposes. Demegha, No 1 Courier Bag Suppliers in Dubai. We provide a significant variety of size-variable printed courier bags that can be customised.

QR & Barcode Printed Courier Bags

De Megha Fzc courier bags dubai

Courier Bags with barcodes & QR Codes are ideal for mailing papers and shipments because they provide a high level of safety, security, and confidentiality. Can also be printed with sequential numbers on each bag, as well as a scannable barcode in your system. This aids in maintaining inventory outflow current, as well as managing refunds and other digitalized methods. This is extremely important for the Ecommerce, Banking, and Corporate sectors to ensure the highest level of content privacy and anti-theft protection for the documents or valuables inside.

Customized Courier Pouches

De Megha Fzc courier-bags-sharjah

Courier Bags are used for sending a variety of ordinary items that are cost-effective, tamper-proof, and confidential. The bags are connected to the container’s surface, allowing for the installation of a road bill, shipment notes, and other documents. The invoice pouch’s translucent material makes it easy to read the contents.

Printed Mailing Courier Bags

De Megha Fzc courier bags in uae

Printed Courier Bags are ideal mailing bags, made of high-quality materials that make them extremely durable and dependable. Get your company’s logo and details printed on courier bags to strengthen your brand. Useful for the Ecommerce, Banking, and Corporate industries. This is extremely beneficial to the E-commerce industry in terms of maintaining content privacy and quick delivery. We provide a large selection of printed courier bags in a variety of sizes which can be customized.

De Megha Fzc courier bag
De Megha Fzc courier bags
De Megha Fzc courier bags dubai
De Megha Fzc courier-bags-uae