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Clear Tapes

De Megha Fzc Clear Tapes in UAE
De Megha Fzc Clear Tapes in UAE

Clear Tapes

Our clear adhesive tapes are used in numerous industrial sectors. Whether in car manufacturing, the electric industry, transport industry, healthcare industry or building industry – nearly everywhere, special, usually very thin tapes with extremely high transparency are needed. For example our OCA tapes (Optically Clear Adhesives) for invisible laminations in displays and touch panels, that require highly transparent, low-haze, and UV-resistant products. Optical properties of these adhesive tapes must be set perfectly. Inner tension in the material is just as problematic as impurities. The smallest particles of dust may cause adhesive tape to be no longer optically clear. For this reason we make sure that our OCA tapes should be a class 7 clean room that ensures an almost dust-free environment.

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