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Void Tapes

De Megha Fzc Void Labels Dubai
De Megha Fzc Void Labels Dubai

Void Tapes

Void Tapes seal shipping boxes for transport. In order to ensure the contents with the original product are not exchanged during transport, the tapes are tamper proof. The so-called VOID effect reveals a previously invisible, irreversible pattern as soon as the tape is removed or peeled off. Customisable (e.g. Logo, CI conform, text), the VOID effect is integrated precisely into the tapes. The customisable designs are difficult to copy and therefore provide much higher security than when purchasing a generic VOID tape “off-the-shelf”. As a technology leader in tamper-evidence, Demegha can fall back on a wide range of proprietary VOID effects: e.g. three-colour VOID, integrated microtexts, variable codes, VOID effects visible on light and dark backgrounds. With transparent VOID tapes, any text beneath remains legible. If transparency is not required, a VOID effect can also be designed from a multi-colour image.
The design and VOID effect are not the only things that can be customised. Even the specifications of the VOID tapes can be adapted to the respective requirements of the customer’s packaging. The type and weight of the adhesive, as well as the material combinations can be tailored to the customers needs.

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Security Tape

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Void Tape | Tamper Evident Security Tape

Security tape is an adhesive tape that is used to help decrease shipping losses due to theft and pilferage. It helps reduce tampering or product adulteration. Often it is a pressure-sensitive tape or labels with special tamper-resistant or tamper-evident features. It can be used as a ‘’security seal’’ in addition to a container closure or can be used as a security Tape. They are sometimes used as or with authentication products and can be an anti-pilferage seal. It aids in the prevention of tampering and product adulteration. A pressure-sensitive tape or label with particular tamper-resistant or tamper obvious features is frequently used. Our high-quality tamper-evident security tapes help prevent theft by providing effective visual deterrents to users. Users can readily detect pilferage with tamper-evident adhesives. Self-voiding tapes, labels, and stickers also allow people to detect if an object has been compromised visually.