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Washable Labels

De Megha Fzc Washable labels uae
De Megha Fzc Washable labels uae

Washable Clothing Labels

Labels that will survive through the washing machine and dryer are a must-have items for parents. Say goodbye to lost clothing or labels that peel off in the wash. Our Tag Mates Clothing Labels are the top-selling clothing label! The peel-and-stick labels will last wash-after-wash. Our Wahsble Labels clothing labels are perfect for sweaters, jackets, gym clothing, uniforms and more. Any clothing items with a tag will find its way home again and you can put an end to rooting through the lost and found bin. These vinyl labels with laminate are heat-resistant and will stand up to hundreds of washes and the heat of the dryer. They’re also made to withstand the daily lives of kids. They won’t rip, peel or bubble and can last through being smeared with sunblock and bug spray, which makes them a summer camp must-have item.

Have an item of tagless clothing? Our Iron-On Labels are also made to withstand the washer and dryer over and over again. They may take a minute or so longer to apply than the regular peel-and-stick labels, but they have the exact same staying power and they’ll keep your kid’s clothing out of the lost and found all the same! Iron-on name labels are ideal for any tagless clothing, swimsuits, socks, towels and more.

Features of all our washable labels:

  • High-performance Vinyl
  • Waterproof
  • Washing Machine and Dryer-safe
  • Sunscreen Proof
  • Ultra-durable Adhesive
  • Won’t Peel
  • Won’t Bubble
  • Won’t Fade
  • Free Shipping on all Laundry
  • Safe Name Labels
  • 100% Quality Guarantee

 Woven clothing labels and satin labels in Dubai

Our custom-woven and satin clothing labels are the best and most beautifully crafted. The process we use to label it tends to last till the damage to your garment or the item you have labeled. Moreover, it gives a professional look and a unique touch to your clothes. The uses of labeling your clothes are both for your company and also for your home. Make or create your own personalized or customized woven clothing labels printed with the name of the employee, the company’s logo on it, or any business quotes or any special message. 

At DeMegha we craft high-quality woven and satin labels that add a touch of elegance and professionalism to your clothing and accessories. These labels not only provide essential information about the garment but also serve as a mark of quality and brand identity.

What are Woven Clothing Labels?

Woven labels are small, custom tags sewn into clothing items to display important product information. These labels can include the brand name, logo, size, and care instructions, and sometimes even a barcode for inventory management. They are created by weaving threads together.

Key features:

Durability: Designed to withstand many washings and usage.

Detail: This may consist of text, logos, and elaborate designs.

Versatility: Fits well with a wide range of outfits, from high-end fashion to casual.

Professional Appearance: Offers a polished and superior appearance.

What are satin labels?

Satin labels are frequently utilized in clothing when comfort and elegance are top priorities because of their smooth, glossy texture. Compared to other kinds of labels, they are usually woven or printed, and they feel gentler to the touch.

Key features:

Softness: They are soft against the skin, which makes them perfect for lingerie and upscale clothing.

Elegant Finish: A sense of elegance is added by the glossy surface.

Versatility: Suitable for delicate textiles and a variety of clothing items, including children’s clothes.

Customization: Text, logos, and a variety of colors can be added.


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