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De Megha Fzc LDPE Bags Suppliers

De Megha delivers fine-quality plastic bags of low and high density. With customer-centric service, we have grabbed a large span of the market with a huge number of customers across the emirates of UAE. We are known for the reliable and timely supply of plastic bags for commercial and industrial customers. At De Megha, we offer not only quality plastic bags, but also extremely cost-effective bags ideal for food storage, waste removal, bin liners, packaging, shopping bags, and many more.

All of our plastic bags are composed of quality materials that are resistant to moisture and other factors that limit the quality and usage. Our bags are inert and highly suitable for wrapping and packing for goods required to be away from reach of light. With an unsurpassed collection of high-grade bags in LDPE and HDPE types in large stocks, we process every order and make it available immediately to clients.

Types of Plastic Bags

We have a wide collection of plastic bags in numerous categories. We also deal with custom plastic bags for any industry. With a large stock of plain, sealable and printable varieties in various size and shape, our LDPE and HDPE plastic bag collection satisfy the customer with their varying requires. With our consultants, clients can get onto the right type of material, size, shape, and capacities based on the proposed use of bags.


 Plastic bags are a product of ethylene obtained from natural gas or petroleum. With polymerization reaction that links the monomers of ethylene will constitute thermoplastic. With varying molecular weight and crystallization nature, these plastics forms are graded as high density, medium density, and low-density plastics. High-density polyethylene, also known as HDPE is generally non-porous and non-stretching in nature and also resistant to temperature and moisture. This is the comparatively cheapest option of plastic-type. Low-density polyethylene, also known as LDPE is quite expensive due to the features of improved clarity and resistance to tearing.


Which type of plastic bag to be used?

 Though there are differences in cost and quality, the foremost thing to consider is the intention of usage. Along with the consideration of the positives and negatives of LDPE and HDPE, clients can get the most suitable one at a minimal cost from De Megha. With proper alignment to the industrial standards and techniques, we ensure a fair supply of plastic bags that are convenient for usage


De Megha distills high-quality plastic bags of various types. With a heavy stock of variant size, shape, and capacity bags, we provide both ready to use and customized bags to clients. In the light of years of expertise and market knowledge, we gather the right type of supplies for our customers and provide the best feasible packaging solutions in terms of quality and price. We also ensure the timely supply to meet the futuristic needs of the client’s requirements. To curate a well-defined and distinct place among our customers of various industries, we are continuously expanding our collection along with the trend and growing requirements as well. We supply readymade and customized bags in any quantity for customers across the emirates of UAE.

Our Product Range Includes

Ldpe Film /Laminated Packaging

  1. Sugar Packaging Film
  2. Wet Mix Packaging Film –Lamination Packaging
  3. Window Patch Film ( For Tissue Box Applicator)
  4. High Clarity Shrink Film For Packaging
  5. Aluminium Profile –Wraping Film

Ldpe Bags (Security /Mailing/Shopping Bags)

  1. Courier Bags
  2. Security Bags
  3. Shopping Bags ( With Loop & Punch)
  4. Duty Free Bags
  5. Cash Bags (With Level 1,2 & 3 Security)
  6. Coin Bags
  7. Tissue & Tiolet Roll Bags

Akery Ldpe Bags

  1. Bread Bags
  2. Bun Packaging
  3. Bakery Products Packaging
  4. Multi Layer Milk Packaging
  5. High Clarity Outer Bags For Chips Packaging
  6. Ice Packaging Bags

Hdpe Bags

  1. T Shirt Bags
  2. Thin Micron Foam Cups Disposable Bags – Hdpe

Custom Poly Bags and Film

Why De Megha Plastic Bags?


  • Long years of Service Excellence
  • Huge collection of plastic bags
  • Best value for money
  • Quick Delivery Service
  • Large pool of happy customers
  • 24×7 Customer Support
With quality supplies of HDPE and LDPE plastic bags of various types, we look forward to earn a large spectrum of satisfied customers. Via delivering unparalleled service with unmatched prices in the industry, we strive to grow along with our beloved customers. We believe in the magic of Customers, and thus ensure the best of supplies.