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Medical Labels

De Megha Fzc Medical Labels
De Megha Fzc Medical Labels

Medical Labels

Medical labels play a crucial role in the medical industry. From specimen samples in hospital laboratories to durable medical equipment (DME) sold at retail pharmacies, the labels are applied to objects that play a pivotal role in promoting good health outcomes. Naturally, users want the best label technology for their applications.
Selecting the best labels starts with choosing the right label supplier. Medical labeling needs vary widely depending on the identity of the user, but there are three characteristics every user should consider when searching for a supplier of medical labels: the option to receive custom labels, experience serving the user’s industry subset, and a supplier that manufactures what it sells.

  1. Custom Labels

Before ordering custom labels, it’s a good idea to see if stock labels would fit your needs. Stock labels commonly cost a bit less than custom labels, but if stock labels don’t meet all of your requirements, you’ll be glad you chose to go with a supplier that offers custom labels, too.

A supplier that provides stock and custom products has no reason to push a stock solution that isn’t a good fit. If you need a custom option, then that’s the supplier’s recommendation.

  1. Industry Experience

Obviously, you want to choose a s​upplier that has experience serving the medical industry, but don’t stop there. Look for a supplier that has plenty of experience serving your niche: laboratory, pharmacy, urgent care, etc.

A supplier that serves your industry subset has real-world insight into what you need from medical labels for specific applications. In addition, if you need assistance selecting a label, a supplier that specializes in your area of need can be an invaluable source of information, providing pre-sale technical support for choosing the right product.

  1. Label Manufacturing

Medical labels needn’t come straight from the manufacturer to be great products; distributor supply top performing labels, and they have their place however, the manufacturer has a deeper knowledge of its products whereas a distributor specializes in selling as many products as possible to you which limits deep knowledge of the product. It’s preferable to eliminate the “middleman” and dialogue directly with the manufacturer.

Medical labels seem like simple products, but there’s a lot of technology that goes into creating labels whose liner, adhesive, face stock, etc., offers top performance for the application. A manufacturer can usually explain the technology behind the performance better than a reseller.

Need Medical Labeling?

If so, we’d like to hear from you. De Megha has over 10 years of experience providing stock and custom labeling solutions to parties in the medical industry, including pharmacies, hospitals, doctor offices, and laboratories, to name a few. We manufacture what we sell, so you always receive the most in-depth information about what you plan to buy.

To get started on selecting the best medical labeling for your applications, please call us today or send us an email. We look forward to learning about your labeling needs and seeing how we can help!

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