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DG Cartons

carton packaging supplier
carton packaging supplier

Carton Packaging Supplier

De Megha, specialized in all types dangerous cartons, holds an extensive portfolio that allows us to meet our customers’ needs for dangerous goods packaging/packing. We carry an assortment of U.N. Certified Boxes that meet all domestic and international regulations for your Dangerous Goods packing and shipping needs. These Hazmat Boxes or UN Variation Packaging have been tested in accordance to meet all CFR-49, ICAO and IMO requirements. Our 4GV Boxes, or SuperpacksTM, are U.N. (D.O.T.) Certified. Our 4GV Boxes and Packaging are more rigorously tested to enable maximum safety. These UN Boxes are designed to ship Packing Groups I, 11,111 Solids or Liquids, depending on the weight and regulation requirements of each material being shipped. Hazmat Boxes can be used for a wide range of necessities.
We are the most trusted supplier of DG Carton boxes for sale in bulk, call us today to place your order!