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LDPE Shrink Bags

De Megha Fzc LDPE Bags Suppliers
De Megha Fzc LDPE Bags Suppliers

LDPE Bags Manufacturers

LDPE Shrink Bags has replaced boxes as the preferred packaging for a variety of items. We offer LDPE shrink Bags that are extensively used in numerous industries for packaging. Our superior quality and environment friendly product is stringently tested for the parameters of thickness, strength and width. These Bags are used for packaging purposes in the industries like Food & Beverages, Chemical, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, textiles and many others. Shrink bags are very convenient in application where bunch of odd shaped units are to be packed, like 6 fridge bottles, jars and so on. Four persons sit across a table, with a packet of bags and items to be packed.

ADVANTAGES OF Polyolefin Shrink Bags:
• The production method is 4 times faster than manual method even faster     than automatic machine.
• Polyolefin Shrink Bags production saves cost of 4 L sealer and hot tunnel.
• Cost of floor space is saved.
• The production method for Polyolefin Shrink Bags saves wastage.
• Electricity cost is saved in the process of production of shrink bags.

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