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Day Labels Dubai

Day Labels

Day Labels Day labels as they are sometimes known, offer an easy to use food labelling system to help identify when stored food should be used by to prevent using food which could be unsafe for consumption. Day labels will be found in almost all professional kitchens or storage areas due to guidelines put in place by various food standards agencies. Make sure your kitchen is up to scratch when the food inspectors are checking up by using our food labels. There are

Hologram Labels dubai

Hologram Labels

Hologram Labels Today, holograms are the most reliable and cost effective solution for brand protection and brand promotion. With the increasing threats of imitation and huge loss of market reputation, the demand for 3D security holograms is growing day by day. These are in great demand in almost all the sectors ranging from banking, packaging, and currency to branded products. The holograms are very flexible in their use as these can be used on many surfaces including aluminum foil, plastic, wood,

peelable labels dubai

Peel Labels

Peel Labels Peel Labels are the perfect label for your packages, parcels, files and envelopes. These labels are repositionable so can easily be peeled off and replaced somewhere else. Characteristics of Peel labels: Very suitable for promotional activities on your product, such as saving offers or reduction codes Specially selected materials keep the label thin and easily applicable The top layer can be easily removed leaving no adhesive glue on the remaining bottom label Available in different material types Custom made solutions possible tailored to your needs

Flourescent Labels dubai

Fluorescent labels

Fluorescent Labels Sometime you need a label to act as a warning sign. Or perhaps you need to bring attention to important instructions on a package. Our fluorescent labels will surely do the trick! We supply custom sizes and fluorescent labels are available in five different fluorescent colors: fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow and pink. Our fluorescent labels are die cut onto blank paper label sheets with permanent adhesive coating. They can be printed on using your laser printers

Printed Labels Dubai

Pre-Printed Barcode Labels

Pre-Printed Barcode Labels Demegha offers a wide range of Pre-Printed label sizes, matt and gloss, colours (background colours must be compatible with Barcode colours) finishes, paper or synthetic label materials, adhesive backing types and over-lamination for increased scuff-resistance (Requires purchase of minimum quantities). OUR PRE-PRINTED BARCODES ARE FULLY CUSTOMISABLE Plain or Gloss, white or coloured (note: not all colours work with Barcodes), paper or plastic (Polypropylene, Polyester, PVC) suitable for Thermal Transfer Printing (recommended where long label life required). Direct Thermally Sensitive Paper or

Lubricant Labels Dubai

Lubricant Labels

Lubricant Labels Lubricant labels are distinctive from other labels as it is applied on greasy and slippery products; it has different compositions, which require high abrasive strength and water-proof material. They are applied on the containers of diesel oil, hair oil, Mobil oil, etc. Our clients have appreciated and reckoned quality of our labels that holds vigorously to the product for extensive period, as we never compromise on the superiority of raw material and printing technology used. Call Now

Jewellery Labels Dubai

Jewellery & Optical Labels

Jewellery & Optical Labels Plain White Jewelry tags, Pre Printed jewelry tags, Jewellery tags with security features, special dumbbell tags for optical items are some of the products used. We provide numerous innovative solutions for item tagging & security. These labels are resistant to water & mild chemicals & solvents, hence ensuring print durability. There are many technical details with regards to these tags & owing to our vast experience we have overcome all challenges faced by our

Void Labels Dubai

Void Labels

Void Labels Void Labels are specifically designed for precisely detecting tampering of access points and containers. Made by employing latest techniques, the labels provide supreme authentication to products and brands. This label leaves a background image on removal, which indicates that the label has been tampered. These highly secured labels are the incomparable choice for the businesses that are fretful about the tampering and theft. We customize these labels according to the requirements of our precious patrons in distinguished sizes, designs,

Destructive labels dubai

Destructive Labels

Destructive Labels The Destructive Labels are suitably used for eradicating any counterfeiting and duplicity of the product. These labels are specifically designed for special kind of materials like VOID and foamtac using advanced techniques to make it highly fragile. This label is applied on the product by applying heat. If anyone tries to remove or tamper this label from the packed products, it breaks or self-destructs into tiny pieces. This destructive nature of label eradicates the chances of swapping of labels.

Aluminium Barcode labels dubai

Aluminium Barcode Labels

Aluminium Barcode Labels We Supply Aluminium Barcode labels which is the ideal solution for industrial applications requiring high durability. These Labels have excellent resistance to Chemicals, Abrasion, Solvents and will withstand exterior exposure in the harsh environments, including extreme Cold, Heat and UV. These labels are available with serialized barcode, crisp printing and are ideal for quick turnaround time. Call Now Request More Info