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Jewellery Labels Dubai

Jewellery & Optical Labels

Jewellery & Optical Labels Plain White Jewelry tags, Pre Printed jewelry tags, Jewellery tags with security features, special dumbbell tags for optical items are some of the products used. We provide numerous innovative solutions for item tagging & security. These labels are resistant to water & mild chemicals & solvents, hence ensuring print durability. There are many technical details with regards to these tags & owing to our vast experience we have overcome all challenges faced by our

Void Labels Dubai

Void Labels

Void Labels Void Labels are specifically designed for precisely detecting tampering of access points and containers. Made by employing latest techniques, the labels provide supreme authentication to products and brands. This label leaves a background image on removal, which indicates that the label has been tampered. These highly secured labels are the incomparable choice for the businesses that are fretful about the tampering and theft. We customize these labels according to the requirements of our precious patrons in distinguished sizes, designs,

Destructive labels dubai

Destructive Labels

Destructive Labels The Destructive Labels are suitably used for eradicating any counterfeiting and duplicity of the product. These labels are specifically designed for special kind of materials like VOID and foamtac using advanced techniques to make it highly fragile. This label is applied on the product by applying heat. If anyone tries to remove or tamper this label from the packed products, it breaks or self-destructs into tiny pieces. This destructive nature of label eradicates the chances of swapping of labels.

Aluminium Barcode labels dubai

Aluminium Barcode Labels

Aluminium Barcode Labels We Supply Aluminium Barcode labels which is the ideal solution for industrial applications requiring high durability. These Labels have excellent resistance to Chemicals, Abrasion, Solvents and will withstand exterior exposure in the harsh environments, including extreme Cold, Heat and UV. These labels are available with serialized barcode, crisp printing and are ideal for quick turnaround time. Call Now Request More Info

Perfume Labels sharjah

Perfume Labels

Perfume Labels Perfume owners and businesses want to increase attention and sales of their products, and perfume bottle labels can catch the eye of consumers before they even know what the scent smells like. These labels use a high-quality printing process so graphics and text will always appear bright and easy-to-read. Whether you’re looking to outfit a new product or give an existing one a new look, De Megha can make your ideas shine! Perfume bottle labels can be affixed to containers

Cosmetic Labels Dubai

Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic Label Printing Print high-quality, full-colour labels and stickers for cosmetics products with De Megha Cosmetics sticker labels are a powerful marketing tool to instantly draw focus to your product. It is essential that they grab the consumer’s attention and bring your product to the forefront, especially when your product is sitting on the shelve amongst many other similar items. De Megha has extensive experience in supplying printing cosmetic labels and stickers for lipstick, creams, lotions, powders, eyeliners and more.Our manufacturers use

QR code labels UAE

QR code Labels

QR code Labels QR code labels can add a wonderful dimension to the in-store experience and bring your product to life. Provide more information about your products, advertise a promotional offer, drive traffic to your website, generate leads and boost customer engagement. At De Megha, we supply customised QR code labels designed for an array of applications. Whether you are looking for asset QR code labels to track your assets or to enhance the retail experience of your product, we can

hazardous label

Hazardous Labels

Hazardous Labels Chemical labels are used to identify hazardous material storage, chemical containment areas and acids or solvents. They provide the warnings and information that keep your facility and workers safe. Chemical labels can prevent injuries, costly mistakes and keep your facility in compliance with safety regulations. We stock a range of Hazardous labels in different sizes, and on Vinyls or Paper. We are able to provide you with advice on which substrates would be better suited to your application. Just call

Price Labels Dubai

Price Labels

Price Labels Price labels are one of the most affordable ways of advertising and – most importantly – getting a return on your investment. Although most businesses would consider Price labels to be a ‘standard issue’ product, their design and styling can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Retailers can massively increase the sale of selected items by using on-product retail price stickers as this type of label allows shoppers to instantly respond to the offer displayed on

Automative Labels UAE

Automative Labels

Automative Labels A car, bus or truck may seem like a single machine. But each is actually an integrated collection of parts with varying substrates, operating at high speeds under hot, cold, wet or pressurized conditions. Labels play a major role through the life of a vehicle’s component parts, from aiding their movement through the supply chain to providing critical information about safety, maintenance and use. We’re fascinated by vehicles and the labeling challenges they present. That’s why we continuously supply